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At JB Dath Law, we have the credentials and qualifications to help our clients navigate
through the often complicated divorce – family law process. We are committed to supporting our clients through this difficult time   –  empowering them with knowledge and personal one on one support.                                                                                    -  Jonathan Bissoon-Dath, Esq. 

  • EMPATHY: You may be upset, confused, and/or anxious about your situation. We understand that these are all natural reactions.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Family law cases involve varying levels of conflict and complexity. We practice a flexible approach to crafting optimum solutions to your problems, treating your case according to your individual needs. Sometimes that means we can mediate a practical solution with a minimum of conflict. In some other instances, you may need us to engage in assertive litigation to protect your interests. We are equally comfortable with either approach.
  • UNDERSTANDING: The complicated legal system causes most lay people to feel lost. We explain the laws and process in a way you will understand, so that you are in a position to fully grasp the advice we give you and to make informed decisions about your case.
  • DEDICATION:Decisions made in family law cases have real and often lasting impact on two of the most important aspects of a person’s life: finances and children. We are passionate about representing our clients’ interests–constantly striving to get them the most favorable outcomes and provide them with the best value in legal services.
  • KNOWLEDGE: Mr. Dath graduated from the top-ranked law school in the Sacramento area. He also holds an MBA from UC Davis Graduate School of Business Management , which gives him advantages over most other lawyers with respect to financial and business issues. He combines his superior education with extensive legal experience (including high-conflict custody battles) garnered since he first started practice in 1996.
  • STRENGTH & CONFIDENCE: We work hard to know your case from the start. We develop case strategies and tactics early on and proactively adjust them as needed. This approach allows us and you to act from a position of strength and confidence.
  • RESPONSIVENESS: We keep you advised throughout the process, and if you have questions, we answer them promptly.
  • EXCELLENT VALUE: We seek to provide you with the best value available–whether your case is simple or complex. To that end, we provide free initial consultations. We also offer both hourly and flat fee arrangements to help you manage legal costs

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