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Divorce Litigation


Given the stakes involved, family law matters often lead to formal court proceedings contested by both sides. In this context, you are ill-advised to proceed without your own handpicked attorney, someone with the knowledge and commitment to vigorously and professionally assert your rights.

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We handle a wide scope of family law cases, from simple divorces or child support modifictions to complex cases involving heated custody battles and complex financial holdings. Each and every case receives 100% attention.


California state law allows for an ex-husband or ex-wife to continue to be supported by the other spouse after the marriage has been dissolved. This is called alimony, spousal support, family support or maintenance. Originally, alimony was only collected by the ex-wife. However, today, either husband or wife can be required to financially support the other, depending upon the financial circumstances surrounding the details of their divorce settlement. The amount of maintenance that one spouse has to pay to the other is based upon several different factors, some of which are:

  • Duration of the marriage
  • Contribution of each spouse to the marriage (homemaking and child care are included)
  • Financial resources of each person
  • Physical and emotional condition of each party
  • Age of each party
  • Standard of living during the marriage

There are several different types of alimony in the state of California. We are extremely familiar with each type of spousal support, and we can help you to ensure that your rights are upheld in your case. With any divorce, there are many different factors that have to be juggled and arranged in order to achieve agreement on both sides.

Not only does JB Dath law firm have the experience and knowledge that is recognized by the state, we also have countless satisfied clients who we have worked with to achieve successful alimony arrangements.


Children always come first, which is why we care deeply about asserting your custody rights. The amount of time you have with your children impacts the quality of your relationship with them as well as the amount of influence you have over their devlopment as opposed to the other parent having that influence. How much child support is paid also depends in significant measure on the custodial time share.


The financial outrcome of family law matters–whether related to child support, spousal support, assignment of debts, or the division of property–affects the future quality of our client’s lives. Mr. Dath’s MBA and business law background combine with his knowledge of family law, allowing him to commandingly advocate even the most complex financial issues, including those related to the division of large family holdings and the valuation of professional practices and businesses.


Family law litigation is best approached from a position of strength. And it is vital to establish that position of strength as early as possible in the litigation process. Yet, even cases that have been begun poorly can often be turned around with the right approach.


From the start, we work with you to develop clear goals as well as strategies and tactics designed to stake out the best possible position given the opertaive law and specific facts of your case.


Having a clear plan for your case allows you and us to proceed steadily–with confident determination. As such, we are cordial and professional when dealing with others, but unyielding in our resolve on your behalf.


We pay attention to every relevant detail of your case. That allows us to set the right plan in place at the start and adjust that plan as needed throughout the litigation.

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