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High Stakes/Complex Divorce

“The complicated Divorce”

High income or high net worth divorces often require more experience and expertise than typical cases because of added complexities. If your situation involves some or all of the following, strongly consider an experienced attorney like JB Dath.

  • Valuation of Businesses and Professional Practices/Licenses; the winning strategy often depends on choosing and preparing with the right expert. Hiring an appropriate expert early can focus discovery and secure information that might otherwise disappear. Working effectively with the right expert can help neutralize the persuasiveness of the other spouse’s expert.
  • Hard to value assets like patents, literary rights and other intellectual properties.
  • Complex investments.
  • Holdings in multiple states or overseas.
  • Extensive separate property requiring careful preparation to determine the amount and character (separate or community) of property.
  • Prenuptial or Postnuptial agreements. Do not assume your agreement is enforceable in whole, or in part.
  • Significant different tax consequences to different property divisions and maintenance awards.
  • Long term marriages with significant income disparities between spouses making significant maintenance awards a possibility.
  • Family Farms and stock options.
  • Highly combative spouses, perhaps with personalities disorders like narcissism, likely to engage in relentless litigation, endless discovery and continuous bad faith negotiations.

In high net worth and/or high income cases, your choice of attorney can make the difference between winning or losing. High stake divorces can be demanding on the spouses, children, families and attorneys. You need an attorney with the experience, resources and qualifications to handle the intensity, drama, and complexity of such divorces.

JB Dath works closely with accountants and appraisers to assess, value, and present your case. Investigators can trace significant assets despite attempts to obscure their existence. Injunctions and orders can be obtained to prevent liquidation of assets against your interest and to maintain your cash flow from businesses.

Most cases, even when high income and/or high net worth, reach settlements through negotiations or mediations but competent and thorough preparation is critical to assure all assets are identified and valued and that all factors are properly analyzed, weighed and considered to reach a proper agreement or in some cases be prepared to go to trial.

If you are interested in discussing High Stakes/Complex Divorce options, call JB Dath Law today for a free consultation.

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