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Enforcement of Court Orders

There are several different types of court orders that are involved in the divorce process. Child custody, child support and alimony are among the most contentious issues that you can encounter when dealing with court orders. If your spouse has been ordered to do a specific thing and he or she refuses or doesn’t comply, it can result in very serious consequences.

This can be an extremely emotional and frustrating issue to many people, especially if there are other issues involved like child custody or other similar circumstances. If you get into a situation where one parent doesn’t pay child support and then the other parent withholds custody, that is an extremely serious situation that needs to be handled immediately to avoid further legal issues.

If you are seeking enforcement of a child support court order, we can help you. We are very familiar with the process and we know how to help you get the child support that the other parent is legally obligated to pay. Our ultimate goal is to be part of the solution, and if there is any way that we can help solve your problem without creating unnecessary court time or legal issues, we will work hard toward that goal. We want to make sure that your experience is as smooth and timely as possible.

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