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Fighting False Accusations

Fighting False Domestic Abuse Allegations

Fighting for the rights of victims also includes fighting those who are being falsely accused of dreamstime_xxl_16496692Domestic Violence. For the most part what we do here at JB Dath Law is to defend those being abused, but every so often a case comes through our door where it is clear that the person being accused of Abuse has been falsely accused and needs help in defending these charges. These cases clearly don’t have merit but they still need to be defended to prove that they are innocent. Unfortunately it has become widespread in our society to make these false allegations against a loved one and it is especially common during the Divorce Process.

The effect of these false accusations is to:

  • Take away services, resources and time to protect true victims.
  • Diminish the credibility of the person who is being accused to better the legal scenario of the person who is claiming the abuse. This can occur in Divorce or Custody Cases to discredit and tarnish the reputation of the other parent.
  • Clogs the criminal justice system.

Have you or your loved one has been falsely accused of a Domestic Violence crime? Have you been asked to leave your home? Are you forbidden to see you children?  Now as an alleged abuser the burden of proof falls on you to persuade the court that you are innocent and did not commit these acts of abuse. Unfortunately the system is not always fair and this is why you need to a powerful Defense Attorney with years of Family Law experience, like JB Dath to fight for your rights.

These charges can result in sever e legal consequences for Defendants including:

  • Eviction from ones home
  • Heavy fines and legal fee’s
  • Criminal penalties and jail
  • The finding of Domestic Violence can effect alimony and child support.
  • A person with these charges may be prevented from visiting your children.

With so much at stake you need to take immediate action. It is essential to prepare a strong defense and consider hiring an experienced Domestic Violence Attorney like JB Dath to handle your case.  Call today to schedule a free case analysis and get started on your defense to clear your name.

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