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Christian Divorce

For a Religious or spiritual person – going through a Divorce can be incredibly tough.

  • Do you feel riddled with guilt?  
  • Did you stay in a bad marriage too long because you feared what God or your church would say?
  • Do you feel like a failure?

Do not feel judged or afraid. The Divorce rates among Christians are almost as high as non-Christians and we can help you maneuver through the Divorce process in an honorable way.  Divorce is painful and there’s no getting around that fact. There is nothing that will quickly remove your pain & heart break, it is something that has to be worked through. If you are experiencing divorce or other family law issue, you are dealing with grief and often times, rejection. You need to realize that you are not alone. This is the time to work on your personal growth. The grief you feel is real, normal, and it is a process that will help your heart to heal. People who go through divorces often come out much stronger people in the end. But you need to be willing to give yourself time to work through this transition. You don’t have to crumble underneath the weight of it all.  You can learn to grieve, move on, become stronger and grow! All while staying true to your spiritual/Christian guidelines.

“I was a good spouse – why didn’t my marriage work? ”

It is normal to feel that you still love your spouse because you gave your heart away and committed yourself to him/her. You took vows to love your spouse until “death do you part.” Unfortunately, you can’t make this person change their mind or become a different person.

 “I feel rejected and angry at God for not helping this marriage work.”

The first issue is feeling rejected. Your ex-spouse’s rejection does not change who you are and how valuable you are as a human being. The rejection is a choice that your spouse chose to make – that choice does not determine your worth. You are still a person uniquely made by God – someone with purpose, talents and someone who can be used to make a difference in this world. And your faith in God and your self worth can be restored by taking care of yourself by doing the following:

  • Seek a counselor through your Church.  This can help you be the best person not only in Gods eyes, but as you move through this transition as a single parent, counseling can help you handle your children’s questions.
  • Talk with your pastor. Pastors are there to help and usually trained to assist with Divorce transitions. Some churches even host Divorce workshops at their facilities.
  • Seek co-parenting counseling if you have children. If you ex-spouse is willing to do this, it can make your transition and communication smoother as your transition to two households.
  • Seek an Attorney such as JB Dath Law firm who can assist you with your legal paperwork and see that you and your family will be taken care of while keeping true to your faith. Divorcing in an  honorable way is possible.dreamstime_15368685

Make life choices that will keep you growing in the right direction, working through the grief and getting on with your life. If you are searching for a Divorce Attorney who understands, call today for a free consultation with JB Dath Law, where every client matters.

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