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Same-Gender Couples

Family Law Attorney JB Dath Represents Same-Gender Couples

Supporting same-sex couples in domestic-partnership or marital dissolution issuesdreamstime_xxl_8773543

At JB Dath law we are pleased that the right to marry has finally been granted recently to same-sex couples in California. Although this right was denied to same-sex couples in California until recently (except for 18,000 couples who married in 2008) California laws have authorized registration of domestic partnership status for some time, which grants many of the same marital rights and obligations.

If you are headed for a Domestic-Partnership Divorce or Same-Sex divorce, JB Dath can advise you about taking important steps to protect yourself and your partner during your relationship. If you are ending your domestic partnership, we guide you through the process of assets division, child custody, child visitation, child custody and partner support.

California’s child custody laws

Partners are considered the legal parents of a child born during your legal domestic partnership (or marriage) and you each have the rights to custody and visitation. You must share in financially supporting a child, even if one of you is not the parent. As a precaution, you may consider obtaining an adoption decree or judgment of parentage to safeguard your parental rights. During your Divorce, the court will order child support and parenting plans as for any marital dissolution involving children. Reality is that if your relationship has dissolved you face many of the same issues as married couples face.

To learn how our law firm helps same-gender couples with child custody, Division of Assets, Complex Divorce Cases and Support issues, Call today to schedule your free consultation and case analysis. We are dedicated to positive results and often reach favorable outcomes in even the most challenging of cases.


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