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Enforcement of Divorce Court Orders


Once the court has delivered a judgment and the final divorce decree has been signed, both parties are bound to follow all conditions set out in that decree. Violations are often a result of feelings of anger or betrayal on the part of the violator, and may be an attempt to control or punish the ex-spouse. At JB Dath Law we are dedicated to following the Law  and take these violations very seriously.

Common violations include:

  • Non-payment of court ordered child support
  • Non-compliance with the Visitation Schedule.
  • Non-payment of Alimony or Family Support

If your ex-spouse has violated any portion of your final divorce decree, you may file a contempt of court motion. Your experienced Family lawyer like JB Dath Law can handle all of the details for these type of cases. We offer free case analysis. Call today to schedule your consultation. We are here to help you stand up for your rights and will see that all court orders will be followed in the future, which will allow you to move on with your new life in a peaceful way.

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