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Division of Marital Property

Sacramento Family Lawyer Assists You with the Division of Marital Property

Experienced Divorce Attorney JB Dath is prepared to help Sacramento Area clients

JB Dath Law is an experienced Family Lawyer, ready to help you obtain a fair share of marital assets in your divorce. At JB Dath Law it is our goal to get our clients the results they are after, while helping them with all aspects of their Divorce or Family Law Matter. .

Dividing the marital property

Property you and your spouse acquired during your marriage is considered community property and is subject in California to equal division. Assets you owned prior to the marriage or that were obtained individually may be counted as separate property to which your spouse has no legal interests. Dividing property properly often entails determining which property belongs to your marriage and which belongs to you or your spouse individually. This can be incredibly complicated by the tendency of couples to mix property. One of the first steps we take is to properly categorize your list of assets. Proper discovery and in depth research is important to learn more about property your spouse is claiming as separate that might actually belong to the marriage.

Complex Calculations

Attorney JB Dath not only has a Law Degree from a top rated Law School but also has a MBA, therefore allowing him greater understanding  of numbers and calculations over and above other attorneys. This allows the proper values of your complex marital assets so we can devise a strategy for dividing your property. At JB Dath Law we are well prepared to handle complex property divisions. We frequently handle High Stakes/Complex Divorces. High Income Divorces often require more experience and expertise than typical cases because of added complexities.  Competent and thorough preparation is critical to assure all assets are identified and valued properly.

If you situation involves some or all of the following, strongly consider an experienced Attorney like JB Dath:

  • Valuation of Businesses or Professional Practices
  • Hard to value assets like patents, literary rights and other intellectual properties.
  • Complex Investments/Securities
  • Holdings in multiple states or overseas
  • Extensive separate property
  • Prenuptial or postnuptial agreements (Do not assume your agreement is enforceable in whole or in part)
  • Family Farms or stock options

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