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Parental Alienation

JB Dath Defends Your Rights Against Parental Alienation- We care! 

Divorce often brings out the worst in emotions and behaviors, especially if the couple have children. Most dreamstime_6226581parents cope effectively with their feelings of sadness and betrayal and they try to protect their children from the hurtful adult emotions that they are going through. But unfortunately, some parents put their children in the middle of their Divorces. When the harm of these words and actions unfairly alienates you from your children you need to take action to protect that very  important relationship.

JB Dath Law has many years of experience in divorce, child custody, visitation and parenting matters. We guide our clients through important methods of managing your own emotions and we take critical legal steps to end the harmful conduct and restore your relationships with your children.

Understanding parental alienation

Consult with JB Dath Law about protecting your children from parental alienation

During a high-conflict or complex-divorce, particularly where one of the parties has a a psychological disorder or anger issues, one parent may improperly influence a child to dislike the other parent. This parents often has a desire to obtain revenge against the other parent. Often they are trying to gain an advantage in the divorce litigation or to have more custodial time with the child hoping to avoid paying child support. While attempting to cope with their fear of loneliness this person may be trying to justify their irrational beliefs about the proper parenting of the child or to justify poor decisions that they have made in their own life.

California child custody laws prohibit parents from engaging in alienating conduct. Depending on the details of your case, we may ask the court to order the other parent to refrain from the alienating behavior, require counseling for your family or modify your custody order to assure you of frequent and continuing contact with your children.

If you are faced with a Parental Alienation case, contact us to schedule a free case analysis.

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