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High-Conflict Custody Cases


To Divorcing parents, often the most emotional aspect of the entire Divorce revolves around Child Custody.

  • How will my children be cared for after the separation?dreamstime_12811249
  • Where will the children live?
  • Where will they attend school?
  • Who will make daily decisions for my child?
  • How will the child maintain a relationship with both parents?

Too often the parents allow their contempt and resentment for each other to rule their decision-making when it comes to determining custody arrangements. This can lead to lengthy, expensive and emotionally charged high-conflict legal proceedings.  When we are handling these high conflict cases we suggest the following to the parties:

  • Communicate: As parents, set aside time to communicate on a weekly basis. If you are unable to communicate in a civil manner on the telephone, email is the best tool to alleviate verbal conflicts.


  • Counseling: If you are unable to communicate for the benefit of your child in a civil manner, consider seeking counseling for yourself and possibly for the family unit.


  • Compromise: Recognize and accept you will not get everything you want.


  • Child Centered: Put the needs of your child first rather than making your child feel in the middle of your fight. You want the best for your child and as a parent involved in a custody dispute, you must strive to put aside your feelings for the other parent and put your child’s best interests and needs first.


Conflict often arises in custody disputes because both parents are unable to successfully do all of the above while co-parenting. If you have tried all of these techniques and find yourself headed for a High-Conflict custody battle with an Ex-spouse who is unreasonable, now is the time to call JB Dath Law. Here at JB Dath law, we are dedicated to positive results and fight hard for the rights of Parents & their Children. Our firm strides to protect your rights as a parent by addressing these custody issues, often gaining favorable outcomes in even the most challenging of cases.  Call us today to schedule a free consultation and case analysis.


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