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Fathers’ and Mothers’ Custody Rights

Sacramento Area Family Attorney Protects Fathers’ and Mothers’ Rights

JB Dath fights for your Parental Rights

Throughout history many custody laws were biased in favor of the Mother when it came down to Custody dreamstime_xxl_12445147Cases. Child custody cases almost always ended in the Mothers favor, even when it was proven that the Father would be the more appropriate custodial parent. This was known as the “tender years” doctrine. Many Courts believed that it was damaging to children to separate them from their mother when they were very young. But times have changed and now courts consider an array of factors in deciding Complex Child Custody cases. This is why you need a Parental Rights Attorney, like JB Dath Law if you are faced with a situation where your Parental Rights are being questioned.

Here at JB Dath Law we focus on resolving family law matters and we are dedicated to getting our clients the positive results they deserve. We are passionate about helping Parents with these often complex custody cases. We have the experience and dedication to advocate for our clients, offering Flat Fee Custody fee options and flexible payment terms. This allows those who often wouldn’t be able to afford to fight these cases, the opportunity for high quality representation. We will fight for your parental rights and see that decisions made in your cases will be equitable. We want results that are right for you and your child.

Gender and how it relates to child custody and visitation cases

The American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law published its second edition of “A Judge’s Guide: Making Child-Centered Decisions in Custody Cases.” This informative procedural guidebook explains how courts have moved away from Maternal preference and toward a gender-neutral approach. Although this publication guides judges to in rare cases, consider gender in their decisions in situations involving:

  • Parental alienation — A parent who is known to make degrading  remarks about the gender of the other parent. This may contribute to Parental Alienation.
  • Gender perceptions — A parent who makes derogatory comments about the opposite gender can negatively shape the children’s perceptions of that gender. This can potentially damage the self-esteem of the children of that gender. Children who are the same sex as the offending parent may feel distrust and hostility toward the sex that is being attacked.
  • Breast-feeding — A mother who is breast-feeding her young child must typically maintain a consistent schedule for breast-feeding. This is crucial for bonding as well as nutritional value.
  • Gender identification — A child may identify with a parent of the same sex during crucial developmental periods in the child’s life.

Often the most emotional aspects of a Divorce is Child Custody and Visitation. We are well prepared to fight for your Parental Rights during these high conflict Custody Cases. Call today to schedule your consultation today. We are here to help you!

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