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Child Support Facts

Child Support Facts:

If you live in California and you are in dealing with a Child Support Case (Divorce, Child Visitation & Child Support) you need to educate yourself about the facts of this process.


Child support is basically the sum of money that parents have to pay for supporting the child or children on monthly basis. The support also includes living expensive of the children as well. The support is ordered by the court and the financial burden can fall on both of the parents or one parent, depending on the circumstances. It is very important to get legal help on this complicated issue. You may need help with the following:


- Preparing forms. This can be complex and there will be deadlines.

- Get explanations about the overall procedures and court procedures.

- You may need help with the calculations.

- Getting explanation of how the court will make decision of the child support

- Having Petition for Custody and Support of Minor Children Calculating the child support has its own guidelines and deadlines. These must be followed.

- The number of children you have will determine the amount of support paid.

- The time share split or how much time each of the parent gets to spend with their kids will be important for the support calculation.

- The cost of uninsured cost of health care and daycare

- Educational requirements and cost of living for the kids

- Child care service so working parents can get working training or schooling

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