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Child Custody & Substance Abuse

Experienced in handling substance abuse issues in Sacramento Child Custody Cases

California courts always consider what is in the children’s best interest when it comes to deciding on complicated child custody cases. For the most part, we find the answer to that question includes the courts recommendation that the child continues to develop a close relationship with both parents. Occasionally though, Substance abuse and addiction can alter the court’s decision, when they find that one parent’s ability to provide a healthy and safe environment for the child is being effected by evidence of a parent’s substance addiction problem.

dreamstime_xl_11049913Drug and Alcohol abuse can affect your Child custody and visitation rights in Sacramento County

Alcohol and drug addictions are often responsible for conditions that are harmful to children, such as domestic violence, child abandonment and neglect. At JB Dath Law we are well prepared to handle such difficult situations and have a high success rate in litigating these cases. We often will advocate for supervised visitation to protect your children and, in the most serious cases, seek restraining orders if you or your children are being abused by a loved one with a drug or alcohol problem.

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