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A Child Custody Attorney In Sacramento To Help With The Most Precious Parts of Your Life

Your children are your world. You want nothing but the best for them, especially during these types...

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A Domestic Violence Attorney In Sacramento Ready To Take On Your Case

JB Dath Law is currently accepting new clients who are in need of a domestic violence attorney in Sa...

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A Sacramento Divorce Attorney Making The Process Easier

While we’ll never be able to make your divorce completely pain-free, here at JB Dath Law we wo...

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Why We’re the Right Family Lawyer In Davis And Sacramento

Family law is a specific area of practice where the stakes are high and emotional can be intense. Th...

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A Trusted Divorce Lawyer In Sacramento And Yolo Counties

Mr. Dath started practicing law in 1996. Since then, he has built a reputation as a trusted divorce...

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Call Our Domestic Violence Attorney In Sacramento For a Fast Order of Protection

Domestic violence affects people in every demographic. There is no race or economic class domestic v...

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Get Help From A Domestic Violence Attorney In Sacramento

It is illegal for someone to use or threaten to use physical violence against you, your children or...

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Tips on Dealing With Divorce from a Divorce Lawyer In Sacramento

The stress from a divorce can start to cause problems in other areas of your life, too. Divorce is o...

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An Affordable Sacramento Divorce Attorney Ready to Take On Your Case

In the long run, it’s almost always cheaper to hire a Sacramento divorce attorney. Often doing...

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Divorce Lawyer In Sacramento To Help Spanish Speaking Clients

Divorce is hard enough. But the process can become even more overwhelming when you are facing a lang...

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