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Top Domestic Violence Attorney in Sacramento

Resolutions that are made in family law cases have genuine and often lasting impacts. These decision...

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Is Your Ex-Spouse Refusing to Follow Court Orders?

  Often we  hear the question, “What do I do if my ex-spouse is refusing to follow court...

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Striving to be the Best Divorce Lawyer Possible

JB Dath Law is a proactive Family Law firm serving clients in the greater Sacramento area. JB Dath h...

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Top Sacramento Custody Attorney is Here to HELP!

When it comes to ensuring your children are taken care of after a  divorce, there are a lot of detai...

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We Want to be Your Child Custody Attorney in Sacramento

If you are seeking a child custody arrangement in a situation where your spouse has been abusive tow...

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JB Dath Law is the Family Attorney You Want on Your Side

Divorce can be one of the toughest things anyone can go through! Attorney JB Dath Law is the Attorne...

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Sacramento’s GO-TO Flat Fee Divorce Attorney

Have you started the divorce process on your own and run into trouble.  Often, when two people try t...

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Sacramento Divorce Attorney: Mental Illness & Divorce

Often Divorce & Mental Health issues go hand in hand. Divorce is a very emotionally challenging...

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JB Dath is the Child Custody Attorney of Choice in Sacramento

Child custody cases are some of the most emotionally charged cases we deal with at JB Dath Law. We k...

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Have You Been A Victim of Domestic Violence?

Have you been a victim of domestic violence? If so, you may not understand what your legal rights ar...

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