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Sacramento’s GO-TO Flat Fee Divorce Attorney

Have you started the divorce process on your own and run into trouble.  Often, when two people try to navigate a divorce dreamstime_xxl_16496692on their own, they end up with problems or entanglements that wouldn’t have occurred if they had hired an attorney.  A JB Dath Law flat fee Divorce can help you sort out any confusion that you may have run into while attempting to file for divorce by yourself while knowing exactly what your total divorce fee will be. No surprises.

Do you currently have representation but wish to change council to wrap up your case in a more cost effective manner? These case types will often fit into the scope of our Flat Fee cases. In the long run, it is often cheaper and almost always quicker to hire a Divorce Lawyer to help you through the process.  We have the experience and familiarity with the system to help ensure expediency in your divorce.

If you are interested in speaking with Sacramento Divorce Attorney, JB Dath about the possibility of a Flat Fee Divorce, call today for a free consultation. Not all family law cases fit into this business model, but a free consultation and case analysis will help us figure out if this is a good fit. We have four offices in the greater Sacramento area to better serve our clients.


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