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January 2016 JB Dath Law

JB Dath Law is the Family Attorney You Want on Your Side

Divorce can be one of the toughest things anyone can go through! Attorney JB Dath Law is the Attorne...

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Sacramento’s GO-TO Flat Fee Divorce Attorney

Have you started the divorce process on your own and run into trouble.  Often, when two people try t...

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Sacramento Divorce Attorney: Mental Illness & Divorce

Often Divorce & Mental Health issues go hand in hand. Divorce is a very emotionally challenging...

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JB Dath is the Child Custody Attorney of Choice in Sacramento

Child custody cases are some of the most emotionally charged cases we deal with at JB Dath Law. We k...

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Have You Been A Victim of Domestic Violence?

Have you been a victim of domestic violence? If so, you may not understand what your legal rights ar...

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Local Family Law Attorney JB Dath Offers Free Initial Consultations

Family law is a very emotional for those going through the often complicated process.  In the long r...

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